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FiberCoir is proud to be recognized as the first company to introduce premium coconut coir to the U.S. market via Mexico. Since this beginning, we have continued to grow and refine our products to ensure we are providing the absolute best Coconut Coir medium to growers, soil mixers, wholesalers, retailers in North America, Canada and around the world. We ship products worldwide and can service your needs, large or small, wherever you are located. We don’t just sell Coir, we know Coir. We have a team of professional sales associates and horticulturists who will provide you with advice and tips on how to get the most out of our Coir. At FiberCoir, we take pride in the quality of our service and products. FiberCoiris dedicated to making sure our customers receive the best media and products.
Why FiberCoir?

100% Organic Medium

FibeCoir uses 100% Recycled Organic coconuts, Our Indoor manufacturing plant in Mexico uses Eco friendly harvesting and processing methods which ensure we deliver a consistent, pest and pathogen free medium.

Triple Washed

Triple washed with our unique washing process and using a clean fresh water source to rinse guarantees we do not introduce viruses or pathogens into our coir.

Healthy Root Zone

Our specially blended medium which contains an excellent air to water ratio (55% fiber and 45% pith), which creates ideal conditions for a healthy root environment.

Indoor / Outdoor

Fiber Coir can be used for indoor/outdoor and in nearly all growing applications such as aquaponics, deep water culture, drain to waste, flood & drain and container gardening.

Extra Benefits

FiberCoir coco is aged for 18-24 months and goes through a breakdown process much like compost which means it contains beneficial microbes and fungi. Since we do not dry nor compress our coir we deliver all the living microbes to you in our coco coir.